17.05.2014 15:30

Sunil Mantri has recently announced that, Mantri Realty will be investing 7.5 billion rupees into three housing projects in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Ramkrishna Forgings ltd has received an approval for setting up a press shop facility at Kolabira in Jamshedpur and Jharkhand. There will be a 5 billion rupee investment into the project. The new press shop will manufacture forged and machined auto components such as front axel beams, crankshafts, connecting rods and stub axels.

MSTC Ltd. a state –owned commodity trading and e-commerce company, plans to set up an automotive and white goods steel scrap shredding unit in Dahej, Gujarat. The 1.2 billion plant is expected to have a shredding capacity of 40-tonne an hour. MSTC plans to commence operations from September 2013.  
Mentioned are some details of the housing projects undertaken by Mantri Realty:

A luxury housing project in Pune, Maharashtra, with an estimated investment of Rs 4.5 billion. The residential complex will cover an area of 8 lakh square feet and will offer around 350 flats. Construction work on the project will begin by March 2013.

The next luxury housing project will come up in Solapur, Maharashtra in 2013. The company is thinking of investing 1 billion rupees and it will provide about 100 units.

In July 2013, Mantri Realty plans to launch a housing project in Bangalore, which is estimated to be about 2.5 billion rupees. It will consist of 1,000 units.

Other than these current housing projects Sunil Mantri plans to develop an SEZ in Nagpur. He commented, “We plan to market our Nagpur SEZ as an affordable IT SEZ. We will fix a rental of Rs 16 per sq ft and Rs 1,600 for long-lease”. Sunil Mantri plans to make offices cost-effective by cutting down electricity consumption, and giving emphasis on Natural light and air-circulation. Thus it will be an eco-friendly SEZ. About 40 lakh sq.ft would be developed, the SEZ would have only two or three story buildings which would further reduce costs.“Our experience is that if you provide all amenities at lower costs, companies will come to you," he said, citing the example of an American company that bought space in its IT park in Kolhapur.


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